Sticklers unite – it's Lynne Truss!

Sticklers unite – it's Lynne Truss!



Sticklers unite! Such was the distinctive rallying cry of Lynne Truss’s global bestseller on ESLpunctuation, Eats, Shoots & Leaves. It appealed to anyone who had ever stood in front of a sign for “CREAM TEA’S” and wailed aloud, “Why?”

Lynne is a well-loved humorous columnist, a literary journalist, dramatist and broadcaster, a former sportswriter, the author of acertainagefive novels and a new short-story series on Radio 4 called Life at Absolute Zero.

As well as speaking about the zero-tolerance approach to punctuation, how the book came about, and the impact that writing a bestseller had on her life, Lynne will also read a highly popular monologue from her acclaimed radio series A Certain Age.

Remember the rallying cry. Stickler’s Unite! You have nothing to lose but your sense of proportion.  It's an evening not to be missed, innit?


Event date Saturday 9th September 7:30pm
Until Saturday 9th September 10:00pm
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Neuadd y Dderwen
Rhosygilwen Mansion
Neuadd y Dderwen
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